Thursday, April 28, 2011

In a Romantic Way

Love is in the air… the Royal wedding has certainly influenced the mood in fashion these days.   Oh how sweet it is to mimic the exciting rush of first love, the giddy feeling of the first kiss, the most cherished moment of the first dance… Now now enough of the mushiness…  I want go all out romantic with dressing up, make up, accessories, and hair style.

The Romantic Fashion

So how can we dress romantically?  Nothing can be more romantic and magical than a wardrobe that speaks sophistication and ladylike sensibilities.  Here are a few hints and suggestions on how you can pull-off an outfit that can sweep any guy off his feet.
  • Dainty skirts with intricate details and frothy layers can make you float effortlessly across any room.
  • A-line skirt silhouettes in lace or tulle can gorgeously make a mesmerizing and rich fall.
  • Off-shoulder sleeves with flattering fit and flare style with elaborate lace appliqué details in flimsy georgette fabric is just the right touch of femininity and elegance.
  • Dresses with flounce of lace are truly ethereal and beguiling.
  • Tiered and empire cut dresses made of crepe satin and chiffon creates beautiful sexy silhouettes.
  • Ballerina dresses in empire cuts that comes in shades of pastels is truly a vintage piece that sets an aura of classical romance.  The ballerina's statuesque neckline can also complete a glorious number.
  • Embroideries in the right places are simply eye-catching.  Opt for embellishments that are positioned gracefully at the waist or bust area.
  • Stay away from crisp strictly white undergarments but go for the muted and gentle colors that create a soothing feel. Go for shades like creams, pearls, baby pinks, subtle lavenders, nudes and faded blues and greens.

These are a few of my favorite ideas that make me feel that I am woman and I am just proud to be one!  A dose of any of what I have just listed can make you the romantic siren you have never thought you can pull off wonderfully.  Now I have gone a little too excited on the romantic fashion… watch out for my next blogs on romantic makeup and hairstyles.  Tata for now…


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