Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Art of Nail Fashion

Nail art is no longer exclusive for models and celebrities. You can actually do nail art at the comforts of your own home without the price tag.  Of course, let’s leave the most intricate details to the professionals and make the most of our creative and feminine side.  Nail art can actually add a fabulous zest to your usual look and gives a touch of unique flair to any dress.  With a few tips and some tools to get you started, you too can begin to spice up and brighten your nails with colors and patterns that are surprisingly amazing.

First things first, make sure that your nails are healthy, clean, and shaped nicely. Before starting the designing routine, get all the materials you need in place to avoid ruining the mood while you are doing the art as well as avoid messing the paint.  To start off, give your nails a pretty and neat canvass, meaning you have to apply a base coat in any color of your choice.  Make sure the coat gives a neat finish and dry enough for the designing layers.

There are a lot of ways to make designs on nails.  You can use jewels, stickers, and glitters to make versatile and fascinating innovations. To make more intricate patterns, you can airbrush your nails and use stencils or masks. Pre-printed artificial nails also come in handy if you prefer the readymade once.  But for me, I would prefer that you bring out the creativity in you by trying some artistic patterns that truly gives an expression of nail fashion at its best.  For starters, simple dots forming a floral pattern can do magic.  You can use a nail art pen, bobby pin or even tooth picks.  Make simple abstract patterns with trailing dots, swirls and swish strokes.  To ensure that the design lasts, apply a clear top coat.  Trust me, its fun, easy, and invigorating!

Found this online for inspiration, see if you can recreate the dots like this… simple yet elegant.

Remember that art is the product of your creativity and you can learn it with enough practice and patience. So go easy on yourself, give enough leeway to perfect the craft and not be stressed out while doing it.  Be the artist that you are and enjoy painting and embellishing your nails!


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