Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dress Up, Thin Down

Dressing up to look a lot thinner is one of the ways many of my chubby friends are gloriously indulged in instead of the usual crash diet and work outs that other girls might go for.  So for those of you who want to learn the power of fashion when it comes to looking slender despite the extra weight, then this is for you.  Here are a few tricks I learned to looking 20 pounds thinner:
  • Look light in black!  Try to match your separates with an all black ensemble and see how you can look a lot slender in them.  Check out how Raven Symone looks hot in an all black figure flattering mix-and-match of belted tunic over slimming leggings and a pair of boots.  Spice it up a little with some stylish accessories and you've got the sizzling appeal.
  • Go for wide belts.  Wide ones have more slimming effect that those thin ones.  Pick those with a nylon stretch that makes a comfortable fit.
  • Dress up in the right proportions.  Create a balance with every wardrobe that you want to wear.  For miniskirts, match it with a longer top. For wide leg pants, match it with a fitted top.  Never go for over-sized outfits – it can only make you look bulkier instead of trying to hide the problem areas.
  • Be confident in red. Yes, red can make you look sultry and bold.  It is a color that can give you that extra boost of confidence.  Now imagine yourself in a red dress just like Jennifer Hudson.
  • Make your face look slimmer by pulling your hair up and away from your shoulders.   For rounded face, wispy bangs can do the trick.  Other hair dos that work best in thinning down the face are chunky highlights on the sides, loose curls, and body waves.
  • Wear the most flattering heels with jeans.  See how Raven rocked her look with jeans, sheer top, and the great heels.  Another plus is the nude color heels that makes the perfect slimming footwear complement.  The nudes work best on bare legs, try these nice heels with knee length skirts. So if you are aiming to look taller and leaner, work it out with comfortable heels.

Dressing up is just one way to looking good.  A healthy work-out and proper diet is always nice to maintain a slender frame.  So think about it… make dressing up a start of a journey to a beautiful you.


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