Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Designers behind African Fashions

I was looking through some runway pictures and that gave me an inspiration on what to write today.  I’m not talking about the interesting dresses that rocked the runways; I’m talking about the people behind African fashion who have made it a mainstream in the fashion industry?  I give kudus to all the designers out there who have really made an exceptional effort to showcase the beauty of the African style in their choice of fabrics, prints and designs.

With my inclination towards simple cuts, prints, and vibrant hues, obviously enough, I want to go first with those designers that has captivated me with their take on the fusion of colors and created a striking balance in giving a modern touch to the traditional African fashion.

Korto Momolu, the fashion designer who won first runner-up on the fifth season of the hit show Project Runway has always caught my attention with her expert taste in the selection of fabrics and rich hues.  Her designs are truly inspired by her African roots and she has shown this in many glorious ways.  Check out a few of her designs that never went out of style.

Syl Anim has done many creative designs that are always awe-inspiring.  With her passion for intricate handmade weave designs, she has showcased a style that is also uniquely African.  For her creations, she uses authentic African fabrics, beads, wood, wool, and many other embellishments that she sets her eye on.  See one of her work below.

Gloria Wavamunno creates a fashion statement that is uniquely inspired by the culture, music, and colors of Africa.  See how she has brought a fresh take to the African prints.

These few designers have made excellent contributions in bringing African fashion to what it is today.  Not only are they big on talent, they have a big heart.  They have supported many charitable institutions with their work. I hope to see more of their designs showcased in the runways.  There are still a lot more I want to feature and many designs that a want to talk about next time.  It’s really amazing how talent can help the world.


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