Friday, June 17, 2011

Dauntless in Animal Prints

Animal prints can take you to a whole new adventure with fashion.  We see them now and we have seen them before, simply put, animal prints just never go out of fashion.  To some, it takes one to be wild and bold to wear them. To me, I should say, it’s fun and trendy to wear one.  It’s how you wear them that make a difference.

Depending on your personal taste, you can rock this look with an impressive statement.  For the super trendy, going all out is easy.  But for those who are still doubtful if they can pull it off, then small doses of prints might help to get you started.  There are a variety of ways to getting a spectacular look; you can try the prints from scarves, bags, dresses, tops, skirts, and shoes.  Animal prints are obviously found in almost every fashion item you can think of.  And we can get a lot if inspiration from runways, magazines, streets, and from our favorite celebrities. 

Creating a balance with the prints is essential to avoid getting an over-the-top look that ultimately leads to a major fashion disaster.  If you want to wear a dress all in animal print, then avoid wearing other prints and over accessorize.  Try to tone down your look with neutrals and a natural looking make-up.  If you are wearing a simple piece of outfit, then glam it up with a printed scarf or animal print accessories.  This trend can simply work on its own, so don’t overdo with it.  A pop of print can work wonders all by itself.  See how these stars create an exceptional statement.

You can wear animal prints any time of the day for any occasions.  For special occasions, make a cool attitude by making the print as the focal point of the wardrobe.  For daytime affairs, tone it down in pieces that you can wear with denims.  For a more casual occasion, try wearing it with shorts or oxfords.  At the office or night affairs, wear it with a blazer.  If you go for the printed heels or bags, then tone down your wardrobe to neutrals or classic black in simple cut.

Tiger prints, zebra prints, leopard prints - you can be uniquely stylish in whichever print that suits you.  By the way, African Fashion has a lot of prints to brag about.  Have fun with prints and be the fashionista that you are!


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