Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Feather Fashion

Feather-in-the-hair look has invaded the fashion world with such rave that the demand for feathers soared so high and I never once expected it would turn out to be this hot and trendy.  Feather clip-ins, hair extensions, headbands, and earrings top the list of fashion must-haves recently.  And since many celebrities are always seen wearing the feather style, it has swept the fashion world to a new global trend.

 I just love the way the feathers has gone more colorful, brighter and bigger!  See how the lovely plumage made these celebrities look in even more in style.  A striking touch of hot pink gives Gwyneth Paltrow an ultra dose of youthful flair.  Garcelle Beauvais hit of blue looks bold with a playful aura. The single flight of feather gives Vanessa Hudgens a jolt of exotic and breezy feel.  Drew Barrymore simply looks glorious in a dash of long plumage.

Feathers on hats are not yet lost in regal fashion. If you have seen the royal wedding, you would know what I mean.  Fedoras and feathers carried the timeless charm that never seems to fade through time.  However for yuppies like me, that seemingly vintage tradition is fitting for formal occasions.  And since I want something wearable for everyday, feather-in-the-hair trend is more interesting.

This trend is ethereal, chic, and colorful – feathers make a statement that is unparalleled. It comes in different colors and patterns giving you that one-of-a-kind feel. With a myriad of options to choose from, finding the perfect hue to complement our hair color and complexion is never a problem.  Mix and match of dresses and tops are also made easier and fun.  Whether you want to look retro or punky or alluring, feathers can help you do the trick.  All-natural feathers with remarkable quality can even keep up with hairdryers, washing, and curling irons.  I just hope that prices don’t go sky high now that everyone I know wants to jump in and join the trend.

So would you style the feather way?  As for me, I would definitely go online shopping for the vibrant feather earring like Garcelle’s!


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