Sunday, June 5, 2011

How Technology Revolutionized Fashion Reality

Online shopping experience has really kept me up so late last night and I’m still craving for more.  I was not actually splurging online, I was enjoying the moments of “window shopping” at the comforts of home.  This is the marvel of technology – “if you can't bring me to your store, bring your store to me."  I must admit that this innovation has really made my life easier and my closet always updated.  It’s amazing how I can actually feel a dress on me by just viewing how the dress hangs and looks virtually.

Technology has emerged to virtually revolutionize almost every way we do things from banking to service offerings, and the fashion world has become a part of that reality.  Social e-commerce like Facebook and Twitter has proven to come out as two of the most popular and most viewed sites aside from Google.  Blogging also allows designers and consumers to go personal with anything they could possibly talk about fashion (like what I am doing now!).  The World Wide Web has a lot to offer and we are in for the ride!

Apart from using computer solutions, fashion retailing is without a doubt also going mobile.  Businesses and designers have taken advantage of the interactive feature that technology has to offer.  Ultimately this will elevate the face of fashion to a more advanced ways of connecting designers direct to consumers in order to seize the opportunity to keep up with what’s in and what’s not.  I’m pretty sure that in many years to come, fashion is headed to an even more technologically heightened era.  Imagine how you can just visualize dress up and the next day it is right on your doorstep?

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What are you doing to stay ahead in fashion?  Share your thoughts on mobile apps or other ideas where an innovation in fashion has changed your life in any way.


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