Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Dose of Inspiration

What makes you look forward to waking up in early mornings?  To a teacher, it could be seeing her pupils learn how to read and write.   To a doctor, it could be seeing her patients heal and recover. To me, what inspires me on Monday mornings?  Working in the corporate world may not be as rewarding as being a doctor or a teacher, and sometimes mornings can be a totally drab routine of rushing to work.  So what makes waking up a totally new and exciting experience?

Simple as it is, I make dressing up in the mornings an interesting event instead of being an obligatory routine to start the day.  I dress up for myself because I find it as a liberating experience to express myself in fashions that are defined by who I am.  Every day is a reason itself to be happy and have fun.  Finding the right dress to work is just a head start, ultimately it sets the mood for the entire day.  Trust me; if you feel good with the way you look, no one can put you down.  You may think it’s trivial to dress up, but its effect is quite soothing much more than you realize it, it has that uplifting effect on women!

So think about how you can load your wardrobe with stuff that makes waking up worthwhile.  Make shopping for the right clothes as an investment instead of just mere impulse.  Choose those that make you feel pretty and happy.  Give yourself time to look for bargains and search online, whichever suits you.   This is something that you owe yourself after a hard day’s work.

For my friends in Afrawear, I’m pretty sure each morning is a new day to celebrate African fashion and share this passion with other sistahs out there.  It is in knowing that with a piece of an item sold, it means that a child in Africa can eat three times a day.  It is always inspiring to read a beautiful slogan to greet each morning: Buy a Dress and Feed an African Orphanage.  Isn’t that great?

What about you? What makes waking up an exciting experience?


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