Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Office Fashion Commandments

1.       Go for the clean and polished look.  Depending on the office setting, you can either go for the smart look, formal look, or casual look – always remember that whichever look is your office aura, make sure your clothes are “crease free” and clean.   So whether if there is a dress code or none, looking polished in a dress or suit always makes a difference.
2.       Go for the perfect fit and comfort.  Always, and I mean always make sure you wear wardrobes with perfect fit and comfort.  Any wardrobe malfunction will certainly cause a major fashion faux pas and would most likely cost a lot more than you can imagine.
3.       Think “presentable” when choosing your clothes.  Yes comfort is important but make sure you are presentable enough in front of all the people in the office as well as for other visitors and guests that will possibly have an impact to your organization.  You’ll never how these people can affect your performance and how you may be perceived by your superiors.
4.       Never go for skin exposure at the office. Need I elaborate?  Indecent wardrobes are generally offensive in an office setting.   "Men have to be comfortable with you, not looking at you as a woman but as a business partner."
5.       Be sensible in wearing scents.  In wearing perfumes or colognes, be considerate with others and avoid extra strong smells.
6.       Go light and natural with your make-up.  Stay away from ultra bright colors and save all the glamour for night-time affairs or a fancy date-night.
7.       Go easy on your hair.  Never go overboard with your hairstyle.  Whether in an easy up do or do down, smart and presentable styles always work best in the offices.
8.       Go for the “noiseless” foot wears.  Low heels, leather shoes are office setting shoes.   If you want to go stylish, keep it at a minimum with a refined taste that matches well with your wardrobe.
9.       Never over-accessorize.   Bling-blings are not exactly the best office decoration.
10.   Always have handkerchief’s come in handy.  You will never know when you are going to sneeze or remove dirt from your face or clothes.


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