Saturday, March 10, 2012

Importance Of Fabrics In African American Fashion

The fashion industry in the world now attaches a great deal of importance to African American fashion. Many of the fashion designers from Africa are stunning the world with intricate designs and unique patterns. The refreshing designs in African American fashion have become a must in every person’s wardrobe, especially if you are looking for something new. To have a glimpse of some beautiful African Fashion clothing you must visit

If you observe the fashion market around you, it is evident that African fabric is gaining prominence and African American fashion is in vogue. The charm in African American fashion cannot be disregarded and they will add more spice to your outfit. When you look at the African American clothes it may seem a bit complicated and loose fitting but actually they are extremely comfortable, easy to wear and durable. Here are three common, but extremely popular fabrics used for African American fashion.

Aso-Oke Fabric – This is a fabric made by the people of Yoruba. They live in south-west Nigeria and hand weave the fabric to perfection. When you buy clothes from Africa, you promote not only African American fashion, but also the local weavers who are behind the creation. This fabric is mainly cultivated during the damp period – June-July. There are three different types of Aso-Oke fabric and these are rampantly used in African American fashion – Etu, Sanyan and finally Alaari which is found in expensive clothes.

Kente  - Is the perfect blend of cotton and silk and is prepared by the people of Ghana. They have come up with a whole new weaving tradition that is evidently seen in African American fashion. You will find that Kente holds an important position in the social, religious and financial culture in Africa. To get authentic Kente you have to buy clothes in the African American fashion line; all others are fake.

Ewe cloth – Has certain similarities with kente cloth. There are two types of ewe cloth; the first kind is worn by people who are rich, so they can afford to wear elaborately designed clothes. The second type of ewe cloth is made from cotton and is much simpler. Both these fabrics can be seen in the clothes found in African American fashion.

The original African Fashion clothing at will bring out the true essence in you. Wear what you are confident in; it will reflect in your personality. African American fashion clothes will bring out the best in you no matter what the occasion it is.


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