Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Brides in Africa Keeps the Original Culture of African Wedding Attire

It would be endless to talk about the African's culture, especially for the clothing. Now, we will talk about the African bridal attire for women and men. Although there are many changes in bridal attires for women and men, the African people still keep their original style of  the wedding attire.

Women's Attire
Like the common brides, the African women wear the expensive and elegant clothes for their wedding day. The West African people usually hold a big wedding ceremony in their environment. For the attire, they usually wear a traditional african blouse, an iro ( a long wrap which looks like skirt) and also a gelee (head wrap).
The gelee which is worn by woman can be very large and intricate. The wrapper is made from embroidered fabrics.
Men's Attire
The African men wear a fila which can be called as kufi (a round box hat), sokoto, and a dashiki or boubou (a long robe) for their wedding ceremony. There is also a tradition that the men should wear their fathers' dashiki or their grandfathers' boubou. Both of the clothes are made from embroidered fabrics.


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