Friday, August 19, 2011

Fashion Show in Ghana - One Week Event

Maybe the fashion show in Ghana which is held approximately one week event is a common event for the African fashion lovers. This fashion event allows the fashion designers, brands or houses to show their latest collection and ideas of African fashion. People can take a look or get inspirated with the latest fashion trends presented by the designers. Most importantly, for some industry can know what is "in" and what is "out" of the fashion season. 

Many teenagers, women , and men can get the latest fashion trends as they're the fashion trends followers. The most reputable fashion show as one week events are held in the four fashion capitals around the world. They are Milan, Paris, New York City, and London.

We already have the arise magazine fashion week such as Africa Fashion Week in London and Africa Fashion Week in New York. The great progress of African Fashion is that African people have started to encourage themselves to be a host of their own Fashion week that is held in most every part of Africa though there were only a few parts of Africa which held the Africa fashion week; Swahili, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Ghana fashion week.

Amazingly, there would be some great designers : Coccolily, Christie Brown , etc on the next year that I do believe will bring so much colors on the Fashion Industry in Africa especially in Ghana.


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