Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What is African Black Soap?

I personally wonder about the African black soap. I initially think that the African black soap is black, and I was so curious to know,and tried to get the information of African black soap. After doing some research, I get the answer about what the African black soap is.
Well, the African black soap was made in West Africa of the first production. The African black soap usually called as Anago soap or Alata soap. For many years ago, people who live in Ghana have used this Alata soap to get the oily skin and also relieve the acne. People in Ghana believe if they use this black soap, their skin will be more beautiful. They also use this soap for bathing and washing their hair.
The African black soap is not a scented soap like what we usually find in the supermarket. We can say the African black soap is a part of African’s culture. This soap is traditionally made from some natural ingredients such as leaves from banana trees, bark of trees, cocoa pods, and the other natural ingredients.
You may find the different color on each kind of African black soap, it is because the different ingredients which are used to make this black soap. The benefits of this African black soap are that it can be used on body, hand, face, it will help you relieve the acne, and also relieve the irritations. If you are interested in using this traditional soap,you can purchase it easily.


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