Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Part 3: In a Romantic Way

Romance is in the Hair!

You’ve got the dress and you’re all glam up for that romantic affair.  It is time to think of the perfect hairstyle that completes the package.  For the African-American hair, which comes in different texture and hair types, we can come up of a myriad of ideas to make you look your best in a romantic way.  Now let’s begin…

Romantic ringlets are ultra-feminine like Halle Berry in this picture.  With your natural electric wire curls, this is a style that you can accomplish with a tad amount of curl-defining mousse on a damp hair.  Using your palm, work it through the entire length of your hair making sure each strand is evenly covered while scrunching your hair at the same time.  To give your hair extra body and allowing it to move naturally, spray a small amount of detangler  all through your hair for about 5 seconds.  Then blow dry using a diffuser.  You can go with these loose sexy ringlets like Halle or you can add a little variety by styling it in a loose ponytail down your nape with an elastic rubber bond.  Make sure the rubber does not damage your hair and cause snapping.  After securing the loose ponytail, let loose a few face forming tendrils on each sides and you’re all set.   If you have super kinky hair, you can also get similar to Halle’s look by doing the kinky twists.  It is the half braid and half twist style that never fail to make a black woman look amazing.

Imagine waves and loose curls that soften your face and flatter your best feature. For the best romantic loose flowing waves, do the trick using a curling wand. For a flirty look, you do not need to curl all your strands, be creative and curl it in sections that are catchy as well as curling it in a variety of directions. Let the curls cool down a bit then spray slightly with a light hold hair spray.  You can either let your waves down or you can try to add versatility with a loose and messy ponytail like Tara’s. 

If you want to know more about African-American beauty and fashion do not hesitate to post a comment and I will make sure that I feature that in my next blogs.


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