Sunday, May 22, 2011

The African Fashion Day: August 6, 2011

“African Fashion Day is a day to encourage us to wear African attire and to inspire us to be more involved in African attire a step more than we already are. It is a day to let us believe that our talent limited by regional boundaries, and that we should be comfortable with sharing our beautiful talents with the foreign world and encourage them to wear Africa as well as introducing them to embrace African fashion more. Stand proud in your African garms when you go shopping, on a date, to a meeting or to a club or party event.”Shireen Benjamin, the International Beauty Queen of West Africa

While the splendid growth of the African music has dominated the music industry worldwide, Shireen has noted that it was appalling to see on national media that despite this conferring glory of African talent, rarely can we see the artist neither wearing the African attire nor promoting any African designers.  In her heartwarming words, it is downright true that “African fashion from all regions of Africa is beautiful and we can’t wait for the people and media abroad to appreciate it before we become more confident with wearing it.”

A day to celebrate the remarkable fashion and style of Africa is about to come on August 6, 2011.  So mark your calendars now and join the heritage rocking experience. It is aimed to celebrate every first Saturday of August as the African Fashion Day.  I have high respects for Shireen Benjamin who is the advocate for this movement and dedicate her time in the support of the African Fashion all over the globe.  Kudos to her and the glorious efforts of the Miss West Africa event organizers!

Universal exploration and expression of the many facets of the African fashion will be heightened on this day.  It is the moment to expose the myriad of interesting styles, colors, and textiles of the African continent for the Africans and the friends of Africa alike.  Isn’t it just wonderful that someone has stepped up and launches this movement for a beautiful cause?

Be part of the answer, strike a difference, and make a statement.  To know more and to support the cause of the African Fashion Day, follow this link.


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