Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Mother’s Love is Beyond Fashion

I know this blog comes a week late… but I just couldn’t let this pass by not giving a tribute to all the mothers out there.  A mother’s love is beyond fashion, not a fad, not trendy, and never fleeting.  It is priceless, unconditional and forever.  It is a love that is willing to sacrifice everything just to make us feel safe, secure, and loved.
Do you remember the sleepless nights when you were sick and she never ever left your side? Do you remember how very early she wakes up every day to cook your breakfast and send you to school? Do you remember who bought your first memories of precious toys and clothes? Do you remember how she cried beside you with your every heartache?  Do you know that she gave up her career and lifestyle to give you the best upbringing? Do you know that her weakness and strength is you?  Yes, you are her most precious gift, the reason for living and joy forever.

For years, probably until high school, mom’s make all the choices for us. Remember how she always choose your clothes – what to wear everyday and what to wear in every occasion? Then you came to a point when you were scared of her choices.  We may have differences in our choices of clothes and accessories, but moms are moms, she’s only thinking of what’s best for us.  Generation gap always has its ways sometimes, but hey, you can always talk to her. Remember, she loves you more than any fashion in the world! And no matter how many times we disappoint her, how much we make her worry for us, no matter how much we take her for granted, she is there, to listen to us, cry with us, and make us feel her most treasured reality.  It is a love that you could never fathom until you will become a mother yourself.

Have you shown your mothers how much you love her today? It doesn't have to be mother's day so you can show how much she means to you. She may be right beside you now, a doorstep away or a phone call away, what matters most is that you show you care. Your smile, your voice, is enough to make her feel special.

 I love you mom and I could never thank you enough for all the years of unconditional love.


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