Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beat the Summer Heat

How to Dress in the Hot Weather

In the months where the days are longest and the nights are shortest, there’s no better time to dress up and enjoy the outdoors than summer.   So let’s do a heads start and shift our focus to the amazing days ahead.  Here are a few tips on how to stay cool, have fun, and look as hot as ever to celebrate the best of summer.

Stylish and Comfortable Basics
Cotton and silk are the greatest fabrics for the hot summer months.  As much as possible, try to stay clear from synthetic fabrics and stick to something made of natural fibers.  Of course, never compromise style by adding a few pops of accessories to your comfy basics.  You can either add an exotic and elaborate necklace or an embellished belt to complete the look.

Whites and Colors
White will always be the coolest color to beat the heat.  It reflects the light while staying crisp and fabulous.   Summer is also the best excuse to wear some of your favorite vibrant colors.  If you have been meaning to wear that bright yellow top, it is the best time to wear that.  You can never go wrong with the mix and match of colors, whites, and neutrals at this time of the year.

Show Some Skin
The key to showing some skin is balance.  Never ever reveal too much just because of the very hot weather.  With this, I mean you cannot parade around showing off your stomach, cleavage or even your entire back.  If you want to show off your legs, strike a balance with the top. I guess you know by now what I mean.

Play up with Tops
Look stunning in tops which are not too tight and clingy but not too loose and sloppy.  You can be dressier in thin knit tops in cotton or silk rather than T-shirts, just take note that they are pristine and crisply pressed.  If you opt for sleeveless tops, make sure it is the perfect fit and not leaving plenty of room around the armholes.

Skirt it Up
Isn’t it just cool and feminine to skirt up?  I always find it romantic when the breeze catches the hems gracefully and lifts the skirt up a little… Think about it…

There’s more to summer fashion… watch out for my next feature on the summer hair and make-up…


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