Thursday, May 19, 2011

Part 2: Beat the Summer Heat

Cool Hairstyles for the Hot Weather

In order to beat the raging heat, we must think of better ways in order to keep our hair from being nasty and ruin our mood.  Here are the coolest trends for this year's amazing summer:

Pixie Cut 

This is the cut that is very short and easily manageable with a twist of exceptional femininity.  It features very short hair at the back and longer locks at the front and top.  It can emphasize your facial assets and make you look sharp as well as sexy down your nape and neck.  Check out how Rihanna carried out this chic short hairstyle to perfection.  She has longer layers forming the face and razored around the ears and neck.  The layered bangs look fabulous which adds a bit of drama to this bold look.  If you feel good about the shape of your face, then this is the best haircut to suit your style.

Waved Bob Cut

Ideal for summer and best worn below the jaw, this is the style that goes well in any face shape.  The waved cut has emerged to be the favorite this season.  For a more versatile way of pulling off a bob, see how Keri Hilson's angled layers gives the waved bob cut a flattering appeal.

 Bob Cut with Bangs

Look younger and more vibrant in another bob style that is also pretty for summer- the bob cut with long bangs and fringes.  Check out how the bangs energized Naomi Campbell's look.

 Casual Updo

If you don’t intend to cut your hair this summer, then this is the tried and tested way of styling different types of hair, texture, and color this summer.  This is the style to keep your super kinky or super straight hair away from your neck and shoulders while under the heat.  Casual updos can be done easily by tying your hair up in a stylish manner. This never goes out of fashion no matter what the occasion is.   See how Halle Berry looks so nice in a classic chignon.


Ponytails are not only an easy and low maintenance hair style; it can also look fabulous if you give it a little upgrade.  Try to capture the same style as Thandie Newton so you can look as stunning as ever.

Before you go all out with these styles for summer, make sure you keep your hair generously moisturized and healthy as much as possible since the rise in temperature would dry up the African-American hair easily.  Love your hair and it will love you back. Happy styling!


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