Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What is an African Brocade?

The African Brocade is a special kind of fabric with raised pattern that is usually made of colored silks.  It is a luxurious type of fabric with exquisite designs and elaborate details which are intricately shuttle-woven for a shiny and starchy effect.  Some designs can be uniquely subtle and some may feature a wide array of floral patterns, plants or other aesthetic elements.

Typically, brocades are made by a draw loom using a combined standard weft and supplemental weft in the weaving process.  The dual weft technique gives out a weave that looks embroidered on like a raised design.  This technique can also furnish an ideal degree of stiffness to the fabric creating a material that is thicker and sturdier.  The decorative brocading is normally produced by the supplemental weft technique that shapes out the design on top of the main fabric, also giving in a tightening impact to the entire cloth.

African Brocades are also called Basin or Bazin fabrics and is widely popular in West Africa.  It displays the beautiful and vibrant features of the African culture.  It is frequently woven with numerous types of silks that are accentuated with metallic threads to add texture and interesting effect.  Brocade is a fabric for special occasions and a wonderful ensemble for a traditional African wedding or formal event.  This Brocade Pleated Skirt Set below is the perfect number you can wear for an all out African glamor.

Aside from the traditional African way the brocade has been used, it has come to evolved and used by many fashion designers.  With the quality and design of each fabric, it can generate a myriad of creations and inspirations that can surely look stunning for everyone – black or white.  The evolution of the African textile has surely prevailed in the fashion industry in so many ways.  Hopefully soon, we can see many of our African – American celebrities out there rock this fabulous fabric.  For a varied touch on the brocade fabric, check how these famous celebrities like Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, and Kristen Stewart looked so marvelous in richly colored brocade ensembles.  If they can look fabulous in this classy fabric, so can you!

Do you have a brocade dress hidden somewhere? It’s about time you shine with them with a proper way of mix and match.


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