Saturday, May 14, 2011

Celebrities in African Fashion

Do you know that African fashion is not only for African women?  To prove my point, see how these celebrities have flaunted their dashiki and caftans in an ultra fashionable way.  Thanks to the efforts of the many African designers and non-African designers alike who have dominated the fashion scene inspired by the unique and comfortable features of the traditional African fashion.  And thanks to these stars who have showcased these wardrobes and influenced many of their iconic fashion.

Check out how Mary - Kate Olsen rocked a dashiki, isn’t she just adorable?  The studded belt and high heels makes the traditional dashiki cut looks even more structured and stunning.  Comfortable, elegant, breezy, and super feminine – this is a look that can surely make you a star in your own right.  So what are you waiting for?  Try to replicate this get-up in fabulous ways. I just know where to look for the right dashiki perfect for the coming summer season where you can flaunt with exceptional vibrancy… Start by searching African Fashions online…

Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe below are both really lovely in a long flowing and shimmering caftan numbers.  The floral prints, the vibrant tones, and the amazing cut are without a doubt effortlessly sophisticated.  These caftans are beautifully crafted enhancing the beautiful features of these ladies.  Do you want go get their look?  Check out the many caftan choices online.  You will be surprised at how elegant and charming these pieces are.

For Africans all over the world, it is flattering to see our very own traditional fashion donned by some celebrities.  Yes, it is a great honor when people appreciate the wonderful features of African fashion. And I would be even more ecstatic if the celebrities wearing them are those of African origin, proud of their heritage and flaunting their culture.   I hope next time when I check the internet and look for Tyra Banks or Halle Berry, I can see them wearing something truly of African inspiration. I may have missed them wearing African fashion, but if you did catch them, please oh please do tell me…


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