Thursday, August 16, 2012

Colorful South African Nelson Mandela line coming soon to US

Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s most famous freedom fighter also had a reputation of sharp dresser will see people in US soon but clothes inspired by him.

A Dallas based distributor naming itself as Company b says that its 46664 clothing line was named after the prison number assigned to Nelson Mandela and will be in stores for the holiday season. According to CEO Aaron Patton “there’s a global brand which is relevant in Atlanta as it’s in Johannesburg.” Designers have now captured and integrated the best of South African fashion style and global trend.

The company signed a deal with Nelson Mandela Foundation to become exclusive distributor of the 46664 Fashion both in the US and Canada. 10% of the sales will go to the foundation which unveiled the clothing line last year in Nelsons home country. The foundation features many dazzling garments with unique South African touch including the traditional patterned shirts (shweshwe). 

Patton says that US has a huge interest in color and prints, “an intelligent, preppy and yet progressive style among millennial generation”

The first profit margin of the already selling 46664 clothing for everyone; men, women and children were meant to finance libraries in the rural provinces of South Africa. Patton explained that the most of the products is sources and manufactures in South Africa so as to raise the local fashion industry and create employment opportunities.

While Company b is yet to sign the deal with any retailers, Patton has hopes for lots of interest. He has expectations that 46664 will be sold in higher-end departmental stores and some of the independent retailers. Shoppers are also waiting till holidays when they will be able to buy items for the summer, which will be Mandela’s’ 94th birthday on 18th July.  This also sounds as good news for the African fashion industry to get some marketing on the international scène, where it has been doing well in the recent times.


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