Saturday, August 11, 2012

African Fashion and Style Week Jamaica 2012

If you are a fan of African clothes and always keen for new styles and trends, you must have heard of the Style Week Jamaica 2012. Like every year, this style show normally brings out the most fashionable African dresses that catch attention of people all across the world. Obviously, you should always keep an eye on the dates of styles weeks of other kinds along with the Jamaican. The party at this kind of show is heavy gets your adrenaline rushing. However, the only problem you might face after seeing this fashion week is that you will start to want the dresses the models wear but it will be hard to find those. One good place to find all the latest fashionable African dresses is

Sometimes known as the eeriest fashion week in the Caribbean, Style Week Jamaica is a four day fashion event. All these four days, you will be in a heaven of style and glamour. Moreover, there are so many things you will come to learn from these fashion events that focus solely on African clothes. The even normally occurs at different locations of the town in four days. What you might like very much is the City Style accessories show where you will find lots of new African fashion accessories. And the models they are awesome too. What designers and experts say is that an ordinary person who has interests in African fashions and styles but does not know much about them yet can learn a lot of things from the event. The African clothes exhibited on the show are extremely dynamic and unique from other African fashions shows.

And if you happen to be one of those ambitious dreamers who want to be an African fashion designer one day, the event can light up your way. There are so many internationally acclaimed models that came to the lime light from the Style Week Jamaica, such as Sam Taylor and Tafari Hinds. Every year there are new faces and designers coming out of closet because of the contribution of the event. To be honest, this kind of fashion event is the only vitality that keeps the life African fashion still on. There are still a lot of people who adore themselves with African clothes and do not wear and throw them away afterwards.


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