Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fashion and model casting

AWFL casting was considered a fun and memorable day for those who took part at Grange Coty Hotel, London. The place boasts a classic but sophisticated layout which portrays an elegant casino feeling. The model casting took place in the conference room of Grange where AWFL team shook hands with employees who are setting up. Away from the stereotypes, the day has a prompt starting and by the after noon, you could see influx of fashion models, who would shortly leave and meet industry experts on the panel. Among those on the panel were editor in chief and director Sinem, Fashion Stylist Sonia, catwalk Choreographer Julius.

As hours passed by, more and more talented faces came in, making the judges get spoil for choice. Though they were able to whittle it down to the best among them, the judges had a challenging time too the fashion models on that day of event were definitely set to wow the crowd and confirm that Africa fashion week London is not only one of a high standard event, but one which will be remembered.

AWFL fashion fun day flyering at Spitalfields

In that connection, the Africa fashion week London team, not long ago, took a trip to Stratford Westfield to grace public with their lovely faces while informing them more of the AWFL 2012. Everyone who attended the flyering day was highly enthusiastic and had fun and a very enjoyable time, so if you were not, you definitely missed a lot.

Most members of the public enjoyed specifically the sessions of photo taking which made people look as if they had become fashion models. The enthusiasm was enjoyed by those who were in the event. The team also gave out 3000 flyers in a day to the busy crowd of Westfield Street. All this is in the effort of making African fashion shine on the global scene, and that makes another reason for you to smile.


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