Sunday, May 13, 2012

Worrying of your plus size? Solution simplified

If you are plus size, you very well know that finding on-trend work dress can be a struggle. But here comes the good news, due to the African demand of plus size dresses, the fashion lovers and style have now been taken care of, for all women.

Plus size-definition

Generally, in Africa, fashion stores and shops will consider women above size 16 as a plus size. Every woman is different in her own ways; from height to curving of various parts, there has never, and will never be a clothing item that will suit all women. 

The way your clothes fits you is very important. The brand director of Ann  Harvey said that one should look for clothes that shapes and contours ones body. She added that avoiding over-sized tunics and smocks which will swamp you is necessary. 

Every African woman should aim to dress for her shape and not size, and ensure that they go for quality fabrics that will ensure that you are confident and comfortable. Never be afraid to embrace trends and try to be picky about how well the plus size dresses are. Evans, head of designs put it that the key is in fit of the garment, with the fabric being more fluid and flattering as well, with some alterations being made on structured garments. If you have broad hips, go for such details on the retail fashion shops, such as wide lapels and then choose narrow shape on bottom half. For the sake of rounder tummies, go for the tailored pieces. To give you more shape, look for lower necklines.

Choice depends on you

Verdict conducted a recent survey which showed that plus size clothing is mostly determined by those wearing, under influence of family and friends. Looking for well known fashion shops will increased your chances of getting help on how to shop and wear plus size dresses for best fashion and comfort.


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